Commodities Trading

Pakistan Mercantile Exchange is the newly emerging market dealing in commodities. Since Pakistan is an agricultural economy and it has huge consumer market which create huge potential for corporate to deal in consumer goods. However in order to deal with such products companies will be exposed to price fluctuation risk in case of imported items with palm oil for cooking oil, steel for manufacturing concerns, etc. in addition to that imports also give exposure to currency risk. Therefore, in order to cater such potential risk internationally there have been commodities markets which facilitates hedging price risk, credit risk since the whole mechanism will be govern by exchange based rules, operational risk will also be catered through this.

So in order to facilitate corporate as well as retails traders we have begin the new journey of commodities trading. Now our clients will be able to trade in equities as well as commodities from the same platform. Two of the top traded commodities are Crude Oil and Gold.