M/s Alfa Adhi Securities (Private) Limited, incorporated as a Corporate Brokerage House having Membership No. 021 of Pakistan Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited with Authorized Capital of Rs. 100 million and Paid-up Capital of Rs.49.5 million, having Head office at Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited.

Main business of the company, being a part of Capital Market, is to offer services, vis-à-vis shares and securities. That is to buy, sell, hold or procure to be held on behalf of the customer Certificates, Script and other documents of title to shares and other securities which the customer may from time to time purchase, subscribe or otherwise acquire in Pakistan and register the securities in the name of the customer.

Alfa Adhi Securities (Pvt) Ltd. is a public minded Private Ltd Company. We at Alfa Adhi Securities (Pvt) Ltd. are team of experts who are source of professional environment which assist its clients so to have sound investment-counseling for portfolio investment having regular steady pay out and capital gain as also investment protection.

Focusing on continuous growth Alfa Adhi Securities (Pvt) Ltd is continuously engaging in spreading its network via branches. Whereas, our services like SMS alert, Online excess to daily trading reports, live rates, portfolio calculator etc are the evidence of advancement technology.

The team is composed of Trustworthy, Well-trained, Determined and Flexible young talents who are able to face any business conditions and well poised to guide and advice in the best interest of clients. We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of achieving while other judge us by what we have already achieved.

We are committed to give qualitative services in various fields.


“Alfa has mission to become a market leader in producing research products and service that facilitate informed and timely decision making in the financial markets thus promoting risk management by disseminating information and furnishing analysis that is reliable, sophisticated and at par with the most modern industry trends, technologies and best practices.


"Our objective is to build up confidence in our customers, provide them with a very professional, corporative and learning environment, and always try to make our customer support more quick responsive and helpful, because we are customers’ friendly entity.”

Motto being to operate with Creativity, Competitiveness, Diligence Effectiveness and Efficiency. Believing in serving and safe guarding the interest of clients. Embarking upon internet trading Alfa Adhi Securities (Pvt) Ltd, believe in fair trade practices adhering to code of corporate governance and risk management as well as to provide state of the art facility.